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The company named "Innovative Social Solutions - Integrated Systems of Remote Healthcare Limited" and the distinctive title ISS Limited and commercial name Daily Health, was founded in January 2013 in Maroussi, Attica and operates in:

  • development of integrated remote healthcare and security systems for residential and commercial spaces
  • providing consulting services of remote healthcare and safety
  • all forms of software programs for remote healthcare and safety, etc.

Daily Health has developed a comprehensive remote healthcare and monitoring system for persons who need to be amended and ensures their safety by continuous monitoring them and their health. Such individuals might be:

  • Elderly suffering from some form of dementia (eg Alzheimer)
  • Adults with chronic health problems who need a daily basis monitor of some basic medical parameters (eg pressure, glucose, heart rate, etc.)
  • Persons with special needs
  • Patients with mobility issues, etc.

    "The services of Daily Health provide tranquility for their users, their families and healthcare providers"

The central philosophy of our business is to empower individual members of vulnerable social groups to live on with safety, dignity and independence at a very low monthly cost. At the same time we hope to relieve families from the excessive costs of having a caregiver to look after their loved one.

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Daily Health's complete system is a clear proof that distance causes no difference in controlling medical indicators.

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7 Miaouli str. & 24 Pan. Tsaldari str.,
Marousi P.C.: 15122
Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 216 700 3171
Fax: +30 216 700 3171

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